Perry Wallace 1948-2017

“There’s a natural tendency to regard Perry Wallace as an exceptional athlete or as a trailblazer for the integration of Southern society, indeed a pioneer of racial progress. And while he certainly checked both of those boxes, it is more accurate to revere him as a genuine American treasure. Perry was a towering intellect with an unerring moral compass. He chose Vanderbilt University for its superior educational opportunities, never imagining that future generations would be studying his life. He never sought to be a role model or hero; however, he was blessed with the wherewithal to do so when challenged to rise, and rise above the situations that would stop most others. And while he prided himself on trying to always do the right thing, his legacy is that he made the world a better place and that he inspired others to do the same”

Rich Gentile
Director, “Triumph: The Untold Story of Perry Wallace”


  1. Aundra Wilson Lafayette says:

    Outstanding individual! Class of 1966. I am proud to say! I knew Perry Wallace. Perry contributed so much to Society!
    Thank you!

  2. Gail Johnson says:

    I was part of the integration process and I still feel the pain. I am sorry i never had the honor of meeting him but I know several of his family members.
    What a great story. You were a pioneer. Rest in peace Perry. You left behind a great legacy.

  3. Guan Ellis says:

    Perry was my classmate at Pearl High School in Nashville. He was a scholar, athelete and above all, a great person. His memory and legacy will always be with me. So hard to beat a Pearl High Tiger!!!

  4. Beverly Moody says:

    Would like to view film

  5. Mike Edwards says:

    So very well expressed.
    Perry is a man who literally made a significant difference with his life. I have no doubt that he always gave his all for what was in the best interest of all. A truly great man!
    Perry unselfishly gave of himself. Perry Wallace served humanity.

    I feel privileged to have felt his spirit. Perry Wallace will always be in my thoughts and heart. I sure am glad I have his great book.

  6. Doristene Arnell Phillips says:

    I’m glad to have been a classmate of Perry Wallace. He wad a blessed and talented person. I’m privileged to have a signed copy of the book Strong Inside. He will be missed by all who knew of him.

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